Michael Chan

Hot Garbage: Clean Code is Dead

Michael Chan

Michael is obsessed with essentialism and teaching. He’s a frontend architect at Planning Center and loves to teach React at reactpatterns.com. He adores his wife, two ridiculous kids, and ramen.
Talk Time
11:30 AM
Talk Description

Developers want to write better, faster, safer code. They want to do it quickly, consistently, and happily.

The problem is we’ve chosen the wrong tools. We obsess over the wrong metrics. We fetishize the structure and organization of the enemy with “clean code”. “Clean code” promised a future of fun and flexibility but results only in another master, vying for your precious time and attention.

I’ve fought for “clean code” my 10 years as a developer. For 10 years I lost and kept losing to this monster I was creating. I was taking my team with me. Now I empower devs and designers in the war against “clean code”. I want developers and designers to win and keep winning.

After identifying the enemy, I’ll demonstrate the shape a component takes when “clean code” is dogma. I’ll then write the same component as hot-garbage. I’ll show everyone how to create and compose in a way that prepares for the future but doesn’t bother to predict it.

The talk will be very practical and entertaining intro to a topic better known as “composite component design”.

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