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Carmen Bourlon


Carmen Bourlon is a software developer in Oklahoma City, and frequent speaker at several local usergroups. Carmen’s projects include Margie Map, a map to highlight income in relation to public internet access and a JavaScript blog.

In her spare time, Carmen trains in the ways of The Force, and protects Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf.

Talk Time
10:00 AM
Talk Description

This talk will focus on uses for service workers, with special focus on Offline First and intermittent connectivity. Intermittent internet connection is something many people in the United States face, and it’s a huge hurdle to complete simple tasks like finding a bank balance – or even more important tasks like searching for employment.

In a world divided by those who are connected, and those who aren’t, developers are in a unique position to help by writing apps with an Offline First focus. This particular talk focuses on using service workers to improve a user’s experience when connection is lost.

Service workers cache assets like HTML pages, pictures and even JavaScript files within the user’s browser. Once the assets are cached, the browser will load directly from the cache making the entire loading process faster. Even better, because the assets are already in the browser, the page will load without an Internet connection!

This talk will introduce service workers, explore use cases, and teach the audience how to implement service workers in their apps. We’ll also touch on other great features of service workers like background sync and push notifications.

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